Then-U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair (centre) walks to a cabinet meeting flanked by his Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott (left) and Chief of Staff Jonathan Powell (right), London, U.K., 8 March 2007.
Alun Evans

Alun Evans CBE spent 30 years as a U.K. civil servant, including 20 years in the senior civil service. He served as Head of Strategic Communications at 10 Downing Street under Prime Minister Tony Blair, and as Director of Communications to the Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott. He was later Head of the U.K. Government’s Scotland Office during the 2014 referendum on Scottish independence. From 2015 to 2019 he was Chief Executive of the British Academy, following which he completed his Doctorate on the history of Private Offices at Queen Mary University of London. Since 2021, he has been a writer and political consultant specialising in the operation of prime ministerial and presidential offices. He is also a Non-Executive Director of the Wales Office.