The Chandler Institute of Governance believes that good
governments are the foundation of flourishing
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How We Support Governments

The Chandler Institute of Governance (CIG) supports governments in building leadership, institutions, and public service capabilities through training programmes, advisory partnerships, and knowledge creation.

Governance Projects & Partnerships

Governments today face deep and complex challenges, and have to meet the demands and expectations of an increasingly diverse and vocal set of stakeholders. While each country is unique, there is often value in understanding and drawing insights from the experiences of other governments and countries.

CIG provides support in addressing these policy and governance challenges. We form collaborative partnerships with government agencies and leaders, and work together to provide insights and policy options grounded in rigorous research and tradecraft, and a deep understanding of the context of public administration.

Peer learning and dialogue also supports leadership development, and enables direct transmission of knowledge and wisdom between government experts and practitioners. CIG offers platforms such as facilitated dialogues, mentorship opportunities and communities of practice, to support these goals.

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Chandler Academy of Governance

The Chandler Academy of Governance (CAG) complements and supports CIG’s work by developing and delivering training programmes for government leaders.

Our training programmes are practitioner-oriented, and based on application rather than theory. Our unique curriculum is designed to equip government leaders with the capabilities required to meet the realities and demands of public service work. In line with this, our programmes are co-designed and delivered by experts with deep government experience.

We work closely with our government partners to contextualise our training programmes for the countries and regions we work in, so that the training is relevant for our learners.

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Chandler Good Government Index 2023

Governments play critical and unique roles in all countries, and it is essential that we have good ways to measure the quality of national governance. 

The Chandler Good Government Index (CGGI) is an annual Index, measuring the capabilities and effectiveness of 104 governments around the world based on 35 unique indicators. It is the most comprehensive Index of its kind in the world. 

Built by government practitioners, for government practitioners, the CGGI distils practical tradecraft and insights from a range of government leaders and experts around the world. It is designed to be a practical tool to help governments understand and benchmark their capabilities and performance, and to identify opportunities for progress.

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The Chandler Good Governance Index report and website

Governance Matters

Governance Matters is a practitioner-focused annual magazine that is dedicated to senior government leaders and practitioners across more than 140 countries.

Featuring contributions from government leaders and experts globally, Governance Matters magazine is a platform that catalyses meaningful conversations on the tradecraft of good and effective governance.

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Good Governance magazine 2022

Our Work

We partner and work with governments around the world at the national, state or city level, to support them in the important work they do.

We are committed to supporting governments around the world in building essential core capabilities, developing leaders and policymakers, and delivering better public services for their people.

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