Message from the Dean

Kenneth Sim

Public servants all over the world are tasked with such significant work as fighting pandemics, developing billion-dollar infrastructure projects, and delivering essential public services that directly affect lives and livelihoods. These tasks will only become more challenging, as we recover from the worst pandemic in modern history, on the back of tighter fiscal envelopes. More than ever, we need to prioritise training and capability development for public sector leaders, to help them better serve their constituents and to meet the enormity of the challenges that lie ahead.

As a former public servant of over 15 years, I had the privilege to serve in leadership roles across several different agencies, spanning both policy development and implementation. With each new role I found myself frequently asking “how?”. Many a time, I was fortunate to learn from my fellow practitioners. They had an instinct for what would work in the real world of policy implementation and service delivery, and could contextualise the “how to” in the language and ethos of public service. That made the difference for me. It is my hope that the Chandler Academy of Governance can play that role for many more public servants like myself, across the globe and for generations to come.

Kenneth Sim

Kenneth Sim
Dean of the Chandler Academy of Governance

Developing Leaders, Strengthening Nations

The Chandler Academy of Governance (CAG) was established in 2021. We partner governments to design and deliver training for public sector leaders, enabling them to build strong nations for the next generation.

Through our training programmes, we help to equip public service leaders with the tools and skills to make wise decisions from a generational perspective, to engineer and architect strong organisations and systems that form the basis for strong governments, and to design and implement policies that work.

We also understand that the policy environment and the challenges faced in each country is different. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you to design solutions that caters to your training needs.

How Are We Different?


We are a practitioner-oriented learning institution. Our focus is on practical tradecraft for government leaders and not the underlying theory alone. We develop and deliver our programmes jointly with practitioners and experts from leading institutions globally.


We are internationally oriented but contextualise learning. We train government leaders globally but understand that different countries have unique needs and challenges. This allows us to draw upon good practices globally, but customise to the local context.


We have a total game understanding of good government. Drawing upon on CIG’s holistic framework for building good and effective governments, our curriculum comprehensively addresses the skills needs of government leaders.


We are objective and non-partisan. We are not affiliated to any government, political party or company, and we act only in the best interest of the countries we work in.


We adopt multiple learner engagement channels, that are customised to learners’ needs and to improve the learner experience. These include blended learning approaches and a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning.