Government Projects

Government leaders and agencies need to deal with a range of challenges and tasks that are often complex and ambiguous. CIG provides governments with practical advice and support to address policy and governance challenges.

CIG does not advocate or lobby for any partisan positions. We partner with governments on projects when approached or invited to do so by government leaders and public sector agencies.

Our support for governments is focused on providing actionable insights and recommendations, then working with our government partners to effectively implement the solutions they choose.

For this purpose, we draw on the decades of expertise in CIG’s Advisory Board, and our Faculty and Expert Panel. We connect governments with our global network of governance practitioners and experts, and former government leaders, who can speak with authenticity and from experience. This provides a strong foundation for CIG’s focus on practical and effective work with governments.

Our Project Partnership Model

We believe that different circumstances and contexts require different approaches. Hence, we first seek to thoroughly understand the goals our government partner is seeking support for.

We then work closely with our government partner to identify and tailor an approach that would work for them, and to provide them with support for action planning and implementation.

We partner with governments to translate their strategies and plans into execution and results. We do this by building quality implementation capabilities (e.g. tracking and monitoring), providing frameworks that are important to development (e.g. public finance and budgetary management), supporting the policy and planning process (e.g. policy and regulatory design), and enhancing their systems and processes (e.g. talent system design, implementation system design).

Key Partnership Areas

Architecture of Government
Organisational Effectiveness and Performance
Policy and Programme Design
Economic Vibrancy
Smart Regulation
Community Integration
Social Mobility
National Identity and Branding
Policy Implementation
Strategic Planning
People Management
Futures and Foresight
Public Financial Management

Key Phases and Actions

Establish and Understand Issues
  • Initial meeting between government partner and CIG
  • Conduct facilitated exercises and consultations to effectively understand the goal(s) (e.g. stakeholder needs, organisational priorities)
  • Identify challenges and needs – e.g. knowledge, communication, design, time and resources, and enforcement
Co-Design Policy Options
  • Conduct environmental scanning to gather information and experiences from other countries
  • Conduct Action Workshops with CIG experts to:
  • Design potential response options
  • Analyse and evaluate options
  • Develop budget/cost estimates of options
  • Follow-up meeting between government partner and CIG to discuss options and establish clear next steps (e.g. process, parties involved)
Work Together on Implementation
  • Government partner seeks approval and budget for chosen option
  • CIG and government partner agree on a clear implementation process, timelines, communication channels and form joint working groups
  • CIG and government partner agree on required actions and teams in charge of each action
  • Establish implementation tracking systems to monitor progress

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