Our Process

Wu Wei Neng
Chief Executive Officer,
and Dean of the Chandler Academy of Governance

What We Do

The Chandler Institute of Governance (CIG) supports government leaders in enhancing government performance. We do this through practitioner-oriented training programmes, government projects, and knowledge creation and sharing.

Practitioner-focused; Internationally-oriented

CIG is “for practitioners by practitioners”. Through our work with governments across 3 continents, we keenly understand the pain points and needs of leaders in public governance. We focus on the “how”, even as the “what” and “why” are also important. The senior team at CIG consists of former government practitioners, including myself, who navigated the intricacies and challenges present in the governments of today.

While we are a Singapore headquartered organisation and bring these experiences to bear in our work, we also understand that policies and programmes must be anchored in the local context. Together with our network of international experts, we work closely with our partner governments to adapt good practices from around the world, and customise these solutions for the local context.

How We Work

We work with government through a structured six-stage process as set out in the partnership roadmap below.  From leadership engagement to project management and results delivery, our process provides a clear roadmap for co-developing a path to building better governance.

The Partnership Roadmap

Here is a brief overview of each stage of our collaboration process:

Leadership Engagement: CIG actively involves political and civil service leaders through in-country scoping missions and video conferences. We align initiatives with government goals by understanding our partner’s goals and objectives.

Diagnostics and Vision Setting: We leverage our proprietary frameworks like the Chandler Good Government Index to help diagnose strengths and challenges. We collaborate closely with government leaders to identify critical priorities and ensure alignment with the nation's vision through in-depth dialogues with key stakeholders.

Planning: CIG facilitates workshops, engages stakeholders, and organises knowledge exchange sessions, to develop concrete plans to guide future implementation. This also plays a crucial role in mapping the allocation of resources needed for capability development.

Capability Development: Partnering with governments, we then design and deliver training programmes for government leaders, focusing on areas such as strategic planning, performance management, and communication, while also optimising governance structures and enhancing public service delivery.

Policy and Programme Design: CIG collaborates with experts and partners to co-design and co-deliver workshops for policy and programme development. We also provide technical input for enhanced frameworks and systems that contribute to strategic decision-making.

Project Management and Results Delivery: We collaborate with our government partners to formulate effective change management strategies, emphasising robust implementation and operation systems for efficient project management and lasting results.