The Liberian Red Cross team in Monrovia, Liberia, 14 October 2014.
S. Olasford Wiah

S. Olasford Wiah is the Director for the Community Health Services Division for the Liberia Ministry of Health. In this role, he oversees the country’s National Community Health Assistant Programme, which aims to provide universal access to primary healthcare for rural Liberians. The programme relies on paid and professional community health workers. Previously, Wiah served as the Community Health Department Director in River Gee County, where he contributed to the development of the national community health policy and program. He has a deep commitment to strengthening the primary healthcare system to achieve universal health coverage for all Liberians. He graduated as a Physician Assistant from the Tubman National Institute of Medical Arts in Liberia in 2009.

Brittney Varpilah

Brittney Varpilah is the Director of National Community Health Systems at Last Mile Health, an organisation that partners with governments to design, scale, strengthen, and sustain high-quality community health systems, which empower teams of community and frontline health workers to bring life-saving primary healthcare to the world’s most remote communities. In this role, she supports the Liberia Ministry of Health to scale and sustain the National Community Health Assistant Programme across all 15 counties to provide 1.2 million rural people with access to primary healthcare. She joined Last Mile Health in 2016 to support the development of the 2016-2021 Community Health Policy and the design of the accompanying curriculum for the national programme. Prior to joining Last Mile Health, she worked for Mercy Corps and World Learning. She holds a Master of Arts in International Education from SIT Graduate Institute.