Sin Xin Ping

Deputy Dean (Programmes)

Xin Ping is Deputy Dean, Programmes at the Chandler Academy of Governance (CAG). In this capacity, she oversees the design and implementation of the Academy’s training programmes and develops collaborative partnerships with governments and partners worldwide.

Before joining CAG, Xin Ping held roles as a researcher, consultant and learning & development specialist at the Civil Service College,Singapore. She has accumulated considerable experience in ethnographic research and has led project teams in communication, service and strategy design projects to improve public service delivery and developed thought leadership on service delivery and channel management strategies. Concurrently, Xin Ping was also responsible for designing and implementing learning interventions for public officers in the domain of effective communications, career transition and personal excellence. In this role, she collaborated with subject matter experts on instructional design and co-created a suite of online learning resources to support the drive towards blended learning in the public service.

Outside of the public service, Xin Ping was a consumer insights researcher employing quantitative research methods such as questionnaire design, customer segmentation and data analytics to derive actionable insights and expert advice for a portfolio of FMCG, Banking and Travel clients in Southeast Asia and Greater China. Xin Ping holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from the University of London.