CIG Trains Kenya's Young Public Service Leaders in Ethical Leadership

NAIROBI (KENYA), 13 October 2022 — The fellows returned to Nairobi for segment 4 of the Public Service Emerging Leaders Fellowship Programme (PSELF), which was co-designed with CIG. Commencing on 26 September 2022, this segment focused on the theme of public service leadership and ethics.

Along with lessons, discussions and bonding sessions, this segment also brought together the fellows and their supervisors to participate in a joint engagement and dinner, where they had the opportunity to interact with one another outside of a formal work setting. This was an important milestone in the programme as the support of the supervisors has been critical for the fellows as they go through the programme.

CIG was also honoured to have had Professor Lim Soo Ping, former Auditor-General of Singapore, deliver a session on Managing Ethical Dilemmas in Public Service.

PSELF fellows posing questions to Professor Lim Soo Ping during his session.

In this session, Professor Lim explored the concept of ethics and introduced a practical framework to help fellows make decisions when faced with ethical dilemmas. Using specific examples from within and outside the public service, the fellows engaged in a lively discussion on navigating these difficult situations.

“Professor Lim was effective in his delivery of the lesson and was able to explain the three perspectives on moral reasoning through the sharing of his own experiences. The use of videos and movies before and during lesson as well as practical examples made the lesson not just enjoyable but also easy to understand. Learning that an ethical dilemma is about deciding between right from right or wrong from wrong was informative especially after deeply analysing what I do as a probation officer on a daily basis.”
Mr Tobias Wabomba
PSELF Fellow 2022

More information about the intent and design of the programme can be found here.

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