CIG and New America Release New Impact Hub Case Study on the Guinea Worm Eradication Programme

Singapore,28 June 2024 – The Chandler Institute of Governance (CIG) and New America are excited to announce the release of a comprehensive case study today that describes the pathbreaking work of the Carter Center’s Guinea Worm Eradication Program. The case is the third in a series of in-depth examinations that shed light on Impact Hubs, an institutional model for solving concrete societal challenges.

Guinea worm disease is a painful, debilitating ailment that affects people in some of the world’s most isolated and lowest income areas. In 1986, when the Carter Center, a non-profit organisation founded by former US President Jimmy Carter, started its initiative to address the disease, 3.5 million people suffered from it. In 2023, the world recorded only 14 cases, with the disease on the verge of being only the second ever to be eradicated (after smallpox in 1980).

To achieve this success, the Carter Center established an initiative that embodies the characteristics of an Impact Hub, bringing together diverse partners from the public, private, and civic sectors to develop and implement solutions that have a direct impact on a specific, measurable problem. The case study describes in detail how the Carter Center built and operated this programme, with an emphasis on grassroots community engagement, building trust, enacting behavioral change, and the importance of committed political leadership.

Click here to download the Carter Center Case Study

With several Impact Hubs already making a significant difference at global, national, and local levels, this case study illustrates the transformative potential of collaborative action. By illuminating the Guinea Worm Eradication Program, CIG and New America aim to offer actionable insights and practical steps for individuals, organisations, and government institutions interested in adopting or adapting these frameworks for their projects.

Click here to download the Impact Hub Field Guide

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