CIG and New America Launch Practice Guide for Establishing Platforms to Co-create and Drive Impact

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Singapore, 25 January 2024 – CIG and New America have today jointly published an Impact Hub Field Guide, a comprehensive blueprint for establishing and operating a dynamic engagement platform dedicated to co-creation and impactful outcomes.

In a world of proliferating crises, our institutions face a tall order. Whether at the global, national, or local level, we rely on them to deliver public goods, generate collective action, and provide stability and peace. To do that in the face of complex challenges such as climate change, economic inequality, and pandemics requires marshalling capabilities and input from across sectors. Even within thriving institutions, efforts to increase engagement and co-create solutions are essential for enhancing efficiency and inclusivity to meet the varied needs and expectations of diverse stakeholders. There is an urgent need to explore new models of institutions that can both expand participation and deliver results.

Impact Hubs are one such model. They are institutions that bring together diverse partners to address a specific, clearly defined policy challenge. Impact Hubs pool the expertise, resources, and networks of partners from the public, private, and civic sectors. They implement concrete solutions and use metrics to track outcomes. Several hubs are already operating at the global, national, and local levels and making a substantial difference in the lives of people all over the world.

New America and the Chandler Institute of Governance are conducting research and analysis of the institutional architecture and operations of Impact Hubs in order to support policy makers and civic entrepreneurs interested in creating hubs or adopting elements of the model.

The first output of this effort is the Impact Hub Field Guide, which offers a step-by-step blueprint and best practices for how to build and shape these institutions. Drawing on real-world case studies, consultations with practitioners and scholars, and an interdisciplinary body of research, the guide offers insights for individuals, organizations, and governments looking to collaborate effectively with stakeholders across silos to solve public problems.

“Our hope is that this guide will be a useful tool and conversation starter for individuals in communities all over the world who are seeking to address threats and opportunities in a measurable, mission-oriented way. Building a new global politics that prioritizes human security and planetary sustainability is the project of our time. It will take new ways of organizing and acting to make it a reality.”
– Anne-Marie Slaughter, CEO, New America 

“We are eager to explore collaborations with government leaders and officials who are keen to utilize the impact hub methodology as a practical and effective tool to address pressing challenges and advance shared priorities. By embracing the practical frameworks and ideas outlined herein, we can forge new pathways to collaboration, innovation, and sustainable development.”
– Wu Wei Neng, CEO, Chandler Institute of Governance

The Field Guide is a beta product. It will be revised and updated in subsequent versions based on the experiences and needs of users. In releasing it, New America and the Chandler Institute of Governance are issuing an open call for feedback. We invite readers to send their comments and recommendations to and

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