CAG Concludes Excellence in Governance Programme for Vietnamese Public Sector Leaders from Tay Ninh

  • 20 senior public sector leaders from Tay Ninh province in Vietnam have completed the Excellence in Governance Programme, a collaboration between the Chandler Academy of Governance (CAG) and the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) of Vietnam.
  • The 4-day programme was designed to share good practices in national governance, digitalisation, economic development and public sector innovation, drawing on the Singapore experience.
  • During the programme wrap-up session, the participants engaged in reflection and discussions on good practices applicable to Tay Ninh province.

Singapore, 15 March 2024 – 20 senior public sector leaders from Tay Ninh province in Vietnam, comprising department directors and district-level People’s Committee chairpersons, successfully completed the Excellence in Governance Programme. Conducted in Singapore from 12 to 15 March 2024, the programme was delivered by the Chandler Academy of Governance (CAG) in collaboration with the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) of Vietnam. The programme aims to strengthen public sector capabilities in Vietnam, which serves as a foundation for strong nations.

Conducted over four days, the programme provided participants with a platform for knowledge exchange and mutual learning, drawing upon Singapore’s perspectives on good governance, economic development and approaches to digital transformation in the public sector. Tailored to the Vietnamese context, the programme integrated good practices from Singapore and around the world, ensuring its relevance and applicability to the challenges and opportunities faced by public sector leaders in Vietnam.

Participants engaging in group discussions on how Tay Ninh can digitalise to improve different aspects of the province

The participants engaged in experiential learning by attending learning journeys to various institutions including the the Urban Redevelopment Authority, One-North R&D Business Park, enterprise ecosystem builder Block 71 and Our Tampines Hub. These visits allowed them to observe governance in practice and policy implementation on the ground. Through these immersive experiences, the participants were able to gain a deeper understanding of the diverse roles played by various public institutions in Singapore’s economic and social development journey.

Participants visiting Block 71, a focal point of Singapore’s entrepreneurship ecosystem

Participants visiting the library in Our Tampines Hub to understand how the National Library Board transforms libraries for citizens in the face of digitalisation

To enhance the learning experience, participants were asked to reflect on Singapore’s development experience, the challenges and potential implications for Tay Ninh, and discuss good practices that can be adapted and implemented in Tay Ninh during the programme wrap-up session.

Certificate Presentation by CIG and NAPA for Participants of the Excellence in Governance Programme

During the closing ceremony, Mr Kieu Cong Minh, Director of Department of Planning and Investment and Leader of the Delegation, expressed gratitude to CIG and NAPA for meticulously designing the training programme in consultation with the government of Tay Ninh. He remarked that the programme was engaging and fully met the group’s expectations, and that they were able to apply the acquired knowledge and skills to their work.

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