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Our Insights and Publications bring together high quality, useful research pieces for policymakers and government practitioners. Ranging from short articles and interviews to policy briefs and case studies, our knowledge products cover a wide variety of key issues. Here at CIG, as neither a think tank nor a university, our research is more practitioner-focused and can directly support policymakers in their decision making.

Three Trends in Governance Everyone is Talking About (and one you may have missed)

As we round up the year and head into 2020, join us as we take stock of some key trends in governance that dominated the headlines, and reflect on what these trends will mean for governments.

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The Legacy of Leadership

Transforming Nations Through Good Governance

Wise and effective leadership is the foundation that supports national prosperity. Through times of peace and conflict, and through the ups and downs of economic cycles, leadership makes all the difference. This publication examines the principles and pillars of public leadership and national governance that have led people to be catalysts for change in their societies.

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Shaping Cities, Transforming Nations

The Role of Cities in Nation Building

Cities have long stood as powerful centers of cultural development, influence and innovation. Today more people live in cities than at any other time in human history. Our world’s economic wealth, technological innovation, and cultural development hinge on the proper development of cities. This report sheds light on the critical role of cities in building prosperous nations.

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