Open Programmes

Our programmes offer public service leaders the opportunity to step outside their routines and share and explore new ideas in public policy, sharpen their leadership skills, and reinvigorate their sense of mission.

They are taught by carefully invited government practitioners, eminent visitors and specialists from leading global institutions who provide a wide-range of public sector expertise. The Chandler Institute designs and curates programmes featuring a blend of lectures, discussions, case studies, policy games and field visits, helping our participants grow in their ability to lead as policymakers and managers. Conversations and dialogues with veteran public officers and senior leaders further hone our participants’ real-world awareness of new public sector challenges and solutions.

Fundamentals of Governance Programme

Skills Training and Culture Building for Early Career Officers

Target Audience: This programme is designed for officers with 1 to 3 years in government service.
Programme Duration: 4-days (full time)

This course is designed to introduce early-career government officers to the knowledge, values and skills essential for a successful career in a public service that builds a stronger, more prosperous nation. With better training, young officers will perform their tasks more efficiently and at a higher quality, and better support their leaders and managers within Ministries and public agencies. By training the government officers of today, we develop and cultivate the future leaders of tomorrow.

The Fundamentals of Governance programme will help officers understand the purposes of governments and the challenges they face, and better define their roles and objectives in public policy and administration. Through case studies, policy games and fundamental skills training, participants will grow in key competencies and public service delivery expertise, planting the seeds for a fruitful public service career.

Empowered Governance Programme

Leadership Development for Experienced Managers

Target Audience: This programme is designed for leaders and managers with about 5 to 9 years of government service. Participants with supervisory responsibilities are preferred, but this is not a requirement.
Programme Duration: 5-days (full time)

The Empowered Governance programme is designed to equip young managers in public service to lead well in a complex world. Managers in government agencies need a range of new skill sets and competencies to excel and grow. The programme supports experienced public officers during a critical stage in their careers in the government.

Mid-career public sector managers and policymakers are under constant pressure to deliver high-quality solutions to complex socio-economic problems, while fulfilling the expectations of their leaders and managing the daily work of their teams and staff. What are the tools and frameworks available for decision-making in such a context? How can managers and policymakers better lead their teams to design, deliver, and communicate these solutions?

The programme will examine the challenges of policymaking past and present, and discuss strategies for the future. Through case studies and leadership coaching, the course will build strong management skills, including managing teams and performance, as well as building effective partnerships across the public, people, and private sectors.

Governance Masterclass

Strategic Excellence for Senior Leaders

Target Audience: Senior Leaders with over 10 years of experience and holding at least a Head of Department-level or Director-level appointment and above.
Programme Duration: 4-days (full time)

Senior leaders in the public service are tasked with ensuring excellence and charting new horizons for their government. How can public service leaders more effectively build capable and resilient organisations, and develop whole-of-government strategies for national development?

This Governance Masterclass programme will support public service leaders in making high-level decisions and leading public service transformation and better service delivery standards. They will discuss how best to enhance institutional and state capacity through effective development and deployment of physical, intellectual, financial and human resources. Senior leaders will also be introduced to new and evolving trends and developments in governance around the world.

Case studies and discussion will bring forth new insights on leadership development, organisational development, and maximising human resource potential. Participants will also be able to reflect and converse on pressing issues with leadership mentors and other senior leaders.

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