Our learning and development programmes offer public service leaders and officers the opportunity to step outside their routines and explore new ideas in government, sharpen their skills, and reinvigorate their sense of mission.

By Practitioners, For Practitioners

Sessions are facilitated and taught primarily by practitioners, such as current and former government leaders and officers. They are specially identified for their achievements and experiences, and for their ability to impart practical and concrete wisdom. Selected academics with a deep appreciation for ground realities, and experience working directly with governments, are also invited.

Engaging Curriculum and Programme Experience

Our programme design and curriculum reflect a multi-disciplinary, globalist and broad-minded perspective, and impart values, perspectives and skills. Programmes harness a broad range of pedagogies to enhance and disseminate learning. Social technologies and a variety of knowledge and learning products such as case studies, policy games, and field visits bring policy challenges and leadership lessons to life. Conversations and dialogues with veteran public officers and senior leaders further hone our participants’ real-world awareness of new public sector challenges and solutions.

Tri-Sector Perspectives

Training programme participants are primarily from public sector agencies, but programmes can also feature speakers and representatives with experiences from private sector organisations and the non-profit sector. This facilitates better engagement and understanding of other sectors’ perspectives and challenges, and allows participants to build rich professional networks.

Cost-Sharing Model

Governments are investors in their own success. A cost-sharing model ensures commitment and accountability from all parties, and allows training partnerships to be sustainable in the long term. At the same time, we do not operate on a commercial profit-maximising basis, and our training programmes remain affordable and accessible to governments.

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