Program Overview

Governance Masterclass

Strategic Excellence for Senior Leaders

Senior leaders in the public service are tasked with ensuring excellence and charting new horizons for their government. How can public service leaders more effectively build capable and resilient organizations, and develop whole-of-government strategies for national development?

This Governance Masterclass program will support public service leaders in making high-level decisions and leading public service transformation and better service delivery standards. They will discuss how best to enhance institutional and state capacity through effective development and deployment of physical, intellectual, financial and human resources. Senior leaders will also be introduced to new and evolving trends and developments in governance around the world.

Case studies and discussion will bring forth new insights on leadership development, organizational development, and maximizing human resource potential. Participants will also be able to reflect and converse on pressing issues with leadership mentors and other senior leaders.

Target Audience

Senior Leaders with over 10 years of experience and holding at least a Head of Department-level or Director-level appointment and above.

Program Duration

4-days (full time)