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At the Chandler Academy of Governance (CAG), we partner with and support government agencies and national schools of government to deliver training programmes for government leaders within their countries and regions. We believe that by doing so, CAG can better understand the unique challenges and opportunities that our partners face, and help us to better contextualise our training programmes.

Our collaborations with partner government agencies can take different forms depending on the needs. These include developing and delivering targeted and shorter training modules. We also work with our partners to co-design and co-deliver longer duration programmes, such as milestone programmes for government leaders.

Foundations of Our Curriculum

Foundations of
Our Curriculum

There are three main tenets which form the basis for building good and effective governments.

We believe that government leaders must be effective stewards of the nation, discerning and safeguarding its national story from one generation to the next.
The public sector must have strong organisations, with effective systems that support high performance in line with the ethos of public service.
Public servants must have the practical capabilities to design and deliver public policies as individuals and in teams, to better serve and support their stakeholders.

CAG’s curriculum is designed around these three tenets, which apply to all governments, regardless of political ideology or national circumstances. Through our training programmes, we support our partners in their journey towards building champion governments.

Government Leaders as National Stewards

Government leaders are stewards of the nation. They must have the wisdom and foresight to discern the national story and its trajectory, to build and communicate a national identity around this story, and to safeguard the story through setting the national direction and goals. In doing so, government leaders build enduring nations across generations and trust with the people they serve.

Government Organisations & Systems

A government’s ability to serve its constituents well depends on having strong organisations that are united in purpose, values and culture. All government agencies must have systems that are robust enough to drive operational excellence and institutional integrity. At the same time, these systems must be flexible enough to allow public sector agencies to work smoothly with one another, in line with their varied missions.

Policy Design & Implementation

Policy design and implementation is the core function of government, and the direct vehicle through which governments serve their constituents. To do this well, public servants must have the technical capabilities to craft policies that can achieve the intended outcomes, the wisdom to discern whether policies are politically tenable, and the capacity to work together to translate policy on paper into implementation on the ground.

Our Areas of Training Include:

Government Leaders as National Stewards
  • Discerning the national story
  • Foresight and scenario planning
  • Ethical leadership in the public service
  • Public communications and stakeholder engagement
Government Organisations and Systems
  • Organisational development
  • Organisational identity and culture
  • Resource budgeting, planning and allocation
  • Talent and performance management
  • Corruption control
  • Whole of Government strategic planning and coordination
Policy Design
  • Policy and regulatory development cycle
  • Data-driven and evidence-based policy making
  • Regulatory impact assessment
  • Policy writing and communications
  • Design thinking
Policy Implementation
  • Policy implementation process
  • Building a culture of execution
  • Regulatory enforcement
  • Citizen engagement, co-creation and co-delivery


CAG adopts a range of pedagogical methods in line with our objective of practitioner-oriented learning. These include practitioner-led lectures, expert-facilitated discussions and programme curation, discussions around context-specific case studies, field-visits and dialogues with former and current government leaders. Where relevant, we will have a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning options, as well as blended learning approaches, so that quality training is conveniently accessible.

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